Organic Green, Clean Blue = LABRANDA Lebedos Princess

Organic agriculture with its general and simple definition is an agrarian system that forbids the use of agronomic chemicals, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and other harmful food additives. This process of growing food instead makes use of natural resources, which in turn yield healthier agricultural products.

Even in today’s agriculturally producing countries, organic farming is limited and expensive. This financial reality makes it harder for food establishments to master the logistics necessary to serve such offerings.

The Labranda Lebedos Princess Hotel has 7000 square meters of organic farming area. The latter allows the hotel to offer a unique proposition to guests in regards to their overall culinary experience. This is because guests can experience picking such offerings themselves. Bounty that can then be served to them throughout our many dining options after harvest.

Finally, it should also be mentioned that our hotel’s unique natural setting also provides guests with the opportunity to encounter various types of local wildlife. It is thus not uncommon for our visitors to feed fishes, turtles and geese within our hotel grounds. These experiences combined allow our hotel to offer something more than the standard holiday under the sun. In other words, a relaxing getaway experience coupled with the promise of experiencing nature and fauna.

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