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Welcome to the land of Pharaohs, the Nile and colossal pyramids. Egypt is an enchanting world with a millennia of history for travelers. It is also a country of beautiful beaches, world-class diving and fantastic food. Experiences found in its collection of resort towns, with impressive marinas, cosmopolitan restaurants and exciting nightlife. Enjoy the contemporary while visiting the past in this ancient land.


There are few places in the world that manage to combine human progress and untamed nature. The United Arab Emirates is one of the few that achieves this through its impressive metropolises and stunning desert nature. How does strolling through the Gold Souk in Deira sound like to you? How about a visit to the fish market of Abu Dhabi? A luxury dinner or spa getaway in Dubai?


When visiting Morocco you are sure to be impressed by its wide array of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful Kasbahs. This wonderful country offers you the ability to experience vast green plains, sand dunes and fine sandy beaches. It is also a country with enchanting cities, such as Marrakech, and various historical sites. Those seeking culinary pleasures, or wellness treatments are sure to be delighted by this country’s rich heritage within these delightful segments of life.


Oman is a unique destination. It offers visitors a chance to experience the classic awe-inspiring dunes of the Ara peninsula, while also giving them the ability to experience lush coastal lowlands by the India Ocean. It’s also a land of old forts with impressive architecture, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Bahrain Fort site.


Nestled between the Mediterranean sea and the Saharan dessert, Tunisia, is a country with a rich culture that can be traced back to antiquity. This wonderful destination offers you the ability to visit ancient sites like the ruins of Carthage, bustling modern-day souks, and museums filled with impressive samples of Islamic art. Tunisia is also place with great hotels, and fantastic seaside hotel for those looking to simply unwind.



These majestic volcanic islands offer you the ability to enjoy both culture and nature. The Azores is a place of fishing villages, music festivals and thrilling activities like kayaking. Have your choice of relaxing or active vacation while exploring the Atlantic’s best kept secret.


Picturesque harbor towns, beautiful Venetian era stone buildings and blue waters are some of the pleasures of this jewel of a country. Windsurfing, scuba diving, and sailing are but a teaser of what this country’s coast offers. Perhaps, a walk through its vibrant capital Zagreb is more your style? Whether you are looking for a city or nature experience, we have got you covered.


Cyprus is an island for all seasons and tastes. It has some of the most fantastic beaches in Europe, and the highest number of blue flagged beaches. It also a place where you can have some of the best cuisine in the Mediterranean, and soak in the natural beauty of this unique & historical island destination.


Italy is a place that has it all, including white sandy beaches, top notch ski resorts, ancient architecture, rich culinary heritage, cultural treasures and exquisite contemporary fashion. It is a place of world renowned metropolises, and charming towns. It is a place to experience several times in a lifetime, as it is home to both old & new beauty. A country of warm people, and with a wide menu of adventures to partake.


Greece is a destination for those seeking relaxation, fun and history. Its beautiful beaches, culinary scene and historical landmarks are part of the mosaic that make this distinct country great. Whether you are enjoying the beach in Corfu, a banquet of mezes in Crete, the nightlife of Mykonos or the culture of Athens, Greece is likely to impress you. It is a place that has the distinctive of honor of having a strong culture that has impacted human society throughout its various evolutionary stages.


The island nation of Malta is a celebration of diverse Mediterranean cultures. It’s a world where enchanting ancient historical sites exist in conjunction with a modern island culture. Whether it’s the opulent interiors of St. Johns Co-Cathedral, its inspiring Blue Lagoon, or its nearby islands of Gozo and Comino, we think Malta is ready to surprise you.


The Canary Islands are one of Spain’s most attractive destinations. These gems in the Atlantic offer something for everyone all year round . World-class surfing, mountain-biking and golf are some of the many activities you can enjoy when visiting. Be sure to try the seafood here, amongst the best in the world. With its jaw-dropping beaches, picturesque national parks and lively resort towns, you are sure to love this unique piece of Spain.


If you are looking for a mix of the old with the new, between culture and relaxation, then Turkey could easily meet this desire of yours. It is a place of ancient ruins, historical sites, modern cities and fantastic resort towns. Turkey is a place where you can quench your desire to explore, relax and experience. Whether you are looking to understand the past in Izmir, experience the buzzling of the now in Istanbul or taking a dive into the ocean from a resort in Antalya.



Sandy beaches, lush nature, year-round mild weather, glorious rum, a fascinating history coupled with a sense that time has stopped, are some of the many reasons why many visit Cuba. The so-called “Pearl of the Antilles” has one of the most unique cultural blends in the Caribbean. It’s a place where you can visit cigar factories, ride a pristine 1950s car in the colorful streets of Havana or salsa the night away.


This Caribbean nation is one filled with palm trees, sandy beaches and friendly people. It is a lush tropical island paradise destination with a wide array of activities. Whether you are looking to experience a night out dancing to merengue, tasting a wide array of fine rum cocktails, looking to spend the day admiring old colonial artifacts or want to simply experience a magnificent beachside resort, let us help you tailor your trip.

North America

From San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to the impressive Niagara Falls, Meeting Point North America is ready to support your tour operation. We offer world class vacation and business travel experiences for your clients across the United States and Canada.



The world’s largest continent is for many reasons a special place. With Meeting Point Asia, be prepared to choose from a series of truly wonderful experiences. One of Asia’s most enchanting destinations is Thailand, a country known for its beautiful nature, delightful coastal retreats, and Bangkok’s impressive city vibe.