Sustainability Policy of Meeting Point Dominicana



The company is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and on the local communities it operates in. This policy establishes principles and procedures for sustainable travel and office operations, including animal welfare, waste management, energy management, water management, and social policy and human rights.

The policy applies to all business operations, staff, suppliers, and partners, who are expected to uphold its objectives whenever possible within prevailing budgets.


Sustainability Commitment

Meeting Point Dominicana’s leadership is committed to the company’s sustainability performance and endorses the company’s sustainability mission statement and policy. We will use the Travelife platform to report on our sustainability progress and to monitor and evaluate progress. We are committed to publicly communicating our sustainability performance (by means of the Travelife report) every two years.


Sustainability management & legal compliance

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to continuous improvement of its sustainability practices. We will monitor and evaluate our sustainability policy on an ongoing basis, and we have dedicated personnel and resources to achieve our sustainability goals.

Meeting Point Dominicana follows all local, regional, national, and international regulations related to human resources, human rights, children’s rights, land rights, environmental management, wildlife, and land use. We also have a strict Code of Ethics that includes a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, bribery, forced labor, and discrimination.



Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to a fair and inclusive workplace where all employees can perform their duties and reach their full potential. The company has a clear human resource policy in place to ensure:

  • Legal compliance in all regards
  • A safe, healthy, and welcoming workplace
  • Fair contract conditions including fair compensation
  • Training opportunities, including sustainability, sexual harassment, and exploitation
  • Participation in sustainability planning activities
  • Inclusion and equal opportunity for all employees, including compensation, promotion, benefits, and professional development
  • Career-related and job-related professional development activities
  • Fair and equal pay for like work for all employees and contractors, regardless of gender, race, national origin, marital status, age, or religion
  • A living wage for all tour leaders, local representatives, guides, and other local staff contracted by the company
  • Clarity on terms and conditions of employment, including remuneration, for all tour leaders, representatives, guides, and other local staff contracted by the company
  • A safe, healthy, and inclusive workplace culture
  • A zero-tolerance policy for acts of bribery, corruption, discrimination, and violation of human rights, including forced labour, human trafficking, and all rights of children

Meeting Point Dominicana expects all partners and suppliers to uphold the same commitment.


Environmental management of office operations

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its office operations. The company follows the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle) and other sustainability principles. Key measures in place include:

  • Following all local and national environmental laws
  • Measuring, monitoring, and evaluating the use of all commodities and products purchased, especially in terms of water, waste, and energy
  • Procuring office supplies locally, seasonally, fair trade, in bulk, with limited packaging, and with sustainability certification whenever possible
  • Printing only when necessary and double-sided
  • Using FSC or equivalent certified paper with a preference for the highest percentage of postconsumer materials
  • Implementing energy-saving measures in all common areas
  • Using energy-efficient equipment and lighting and turning them off, unplugging them, or putting them in sleep mode when not in use
  • Implementing water-saving measures in all common areas and restrooms, including water capture in external areas
  • Using non-hazardous, non-eutrophic, biodegradable, and eco-labelled cleaning materials, when locally available
  • Separating waste into the following categories: plastic, organic, paper products, metal, hazardous, glass, e-waste, and waste to landfill; and disposing of it properly by the municipality
  • Minimizing noise, light, and air pollution

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to managing its environmental impact as an integral part of its operations. The company’s policy is to always assure the environmental integrity of its processes and products by:

  • Continuously seeking opportunities to improve its environmental performance by establishing objectives and targets, measuring progress, and reporting its results, including but not limited to energy, water, and paper.
  • Practising a waste hierarchical approach to always reduce, reuse, and recycle commodities and products instead of waste, particularly waste to landfill.
  • Promoting participation and communicating its commitment to responsible environmental management by promoting environmental responsibility amongst its employees and stakeholders and soliciting input from them to better achieve its environmental goals.
  • Minimizing pollution including light, noise, and any soil, water, or air contaminants, and avoiding the use of any toxic or hazardous substances.


Land use

Meeting Point Dominicana’s office is located in an urban area, and the company abides by all local land use laws. It also respects local cultural and natural resources in its business operations.


The company has a policy with concrete goals to reduce its water consumption, which is based on a water risk assessment. In areas of high-water risk, the company sets and pursues context-based water stewardship goals.


The company has implemented an equipment shut-off policy and a light shut-off policy in all its offices. The company also uses LED lighting and has instructed its team to switch off all computers and lights when they leave their desks. Additionally, the company has a policy to purchase low-energy equipment, and whenever applicable, equipment is set by default to the energy-saving mode.


Suppliers’ policy

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to sourcing its products and services responsibly, avoiding harmful impacts on society, culture, and nature as much as possible. We expect the same level of engagement and commitment from our suppliers.

Meeting Point Dominicana gives preference to working with partners that share the company’s commitment towards sustainability, such as being locally owned or managed, using local and seasonal products and services and benefiting the local community by hiring locally and equitably and by providing fair working conditions. We prefer to select partner companies that comply with tourism-specific, internationally recognized (GSTC-accredited) certifications, or other sustainability certifications.

Meeting Point Dominicana incentives through marketing tools to partners that are actively engaged in sustainable operations.

Meeting Point Dominicana expects its suppliers to adhere to our Code of Conduct, which includes the following responsible business practices:

  • Complying with all local, regional, national, and international regulations
  • Respecting all human rights including labour rights, children’s rights, and women’s rights
  • Committing to fair employment conditions
  • Following anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-extortion, and anti-discrimination policies
  • Protecting children from (sexual) exploitation through tourism
  • Protecting the environment and natural resources
  • Acting in the best interest of local communities
  • Protecting the interests of Meeting Point Dominicana

Our complete FTI Code of Conduct is available here (link to pdf)

Following a zero-tolerance policy, Meeting Point Dominicana will immediately terminate any relationships with suppliers that violate the MP Code of Conduct, specifically through acts of bribery, corruption, discrimination, and violation of human rights which is stated in our contract.

Meeting Point Dominicana raises awareness amongst its suppliers to adopt sound social and environmental practices, and to minimise their carbon footprint.
We actively collaborate with suppliers to improve their sustainability performance and encourage our suppliers to continuously learn about sustainability.

Meeting Point Dominicana maintains open lines of communication with our suppliers and partners and encourages feedback from our stakeholders at any time and on any topic, particularly sustainability.



Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to sustainable travel and works with transport providers who share our values. They prioritize environmentally friendly options when selecting transport for guests and business-related travel, taking into account distance, price, route, and comfort.

Specifically, Meeting Point Dominicana has implemented the following measures to reduce GHG emissions from transport and select the most environmentally friendly transport options:

  • Using appropriate vehicle sizes for group sizes
  • Using the most efficient vehicles available
  • Promoting the use of public transportation, carpooling, and bicycles for employees



Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to sustainable tourism. We work with accommodations that adhere to our Code of Conduct, which includes sustainability standards. When selecting accommodations, Meeting Point considers the property’s sustainability management and social and environmental footprint. We also favour accommodations that respect and protect land use, as well as respectfully highlight elements of local architecture, customs, and traditions.

In other words, Meeting Point only works with accommodations that are committed to operating in a sustainable way. We consider the environmental and social impact of the property, as well as its support for the local community.


Activities & Excursions

At Meeting Point Dominicana we are committed to sustainable tourism and only work with excursion providers that adhere to our Code of Conduct. All excursions and activities run by or on behalf of Meeting Point Dominicana respect local customs, traditions, cultural integrity, and natural resources. We do not offer any excursions that harm humans, wildlife, the environment, or natural resources such as water and energy.

We only offer wildlife-featuring activities in which captive wildlife is not held, except for properly regulated activities in compliance with local, national, and international law. Wildlife species are not harvested, consumed, displayed, sold, or traded, except as part of a regulated activity that ensures that their utilization is sustainable and in compliance with local, national, and international law.

Excursions which include interactions with wildlife comply with relevant (e.g. Travelife) codes of conduct. Considering cumulative impacts, they do not lead to any adverse effects on the viability and behaviour of populations in the wild. Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized and rehabilitated, and there is a compensatory contribution to conservation management.

We give preference to excursions and activities that benefit local communities, respect animal welfare, and support environmental protection.


Tour leaders, local representatives, and guides

  • Meeting Point Dominicana commits to hiring qualified local guides, tour leaders or other local staff, paying them living wages and providing safe and fair working conditions. We expect the same from our suppliers.
  • Our leaders, local representatives, guides, porters, and other local staff, contracted by the company, are paid at least a living wage that is equal to or above the legal minimum or relevant industry standard.
  • Meeting Point Dominicana understands that guides play a vital role in educating tourists about the destination’s sustainability challenges and opportunities. To ensure that our guides are equipped to do this effectively, we provide them with regular training on these topics. This training helps our guides to convey the appropriate behaviour to tourists, and to promote sustainable tourism practices.
  • Our guides are specifically trained on the critical issue of sexual exploitation of children in tourism.
  • Tour leaders, local representatives, and guides help tourists understand and appreciate the destination’s sustainability efforts (e.g., protecting plants, animals, and cultural heritage; using resources efficiently), social norms and values (e.g., tipping, dress code, and photography), and human rights.
  • Meeting Point Dominicana provides guides with learning opportunities on sustainability topics including providing free access to the Travelife online learning platform.
  • Clients are motivated to buy locally and to use local restaurants and shops.


Contribution to local communities / local economic network

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to making a positive impact on the destinations where we operate. We do this by:

  • Sourcing products and services from local suppliers and supporting traditional arts and culture.
  • Educating our guests about responsible shopping and illegal/prohibited souvenirs.
  • Working with other local tourism stakeholders to promote sustainable tourism development.
  • Respecting and advocating for human rights, including children’s rights, women’s rights, and labour rights, as well as land rights.


Environmental stewardship in destinations

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to protecting the natural environment in the destinations where it operates. It does this by:

  • Ensuring that natural resources, such as water, air, and land, are not damaged or depleted.
  • Teaching its guests about responsible travel and how to be respectful visitors.

Meeting Point Dominicana also values customer communication and protection. This means that it keeps its customers informed about their travel plans and takes steps to ensure their safety and security.



  • Our customer protection is our priority. Therefore, we maintain a clear privacy policy to ensure
  • Legal compliance in all regards
  • Customers and their data are protected.
  • Customers know how their information is being used.


Marketing and communication

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to honest and transparent marketing and communication. We strive to:

  • Provide accurate information about their products and services, including sustainability claims.
  • Share factual and balanced destination information, including sustainability aspects.
  • Be clear and complete in their product and price information.
  • Inform customers about the natural surroundings, local culture, and cultural heritage of their holiday destination.
  • Honour our commitments and promises.
  • Be anti-greenwashing and stand behind our sustainability claims 100%.
  • Be inclusive and representative in our marketing, and always consider cultural, religious, and ethnic sensitivities.


Customer experience

Meeting Point Dominicana is committed to providing a positive customer experience. To achieve this, we have strict health and safety, marketing, and excursion policies in place. These policies cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Emergency procedures
  • Privacy
  • Group size
  • Transportation
  • Shopping
  • Children in tourism (or sexual exploitation)
  • Customer satisfaction and complaints

We also encourage our customers to provide feedback at any time and on any topic, particularly sustainability. We maintain open lines of communication with our customers and take their feedback seriously.


Emergency Situations

  • Guidelines are available and relevant personnel are educated on how to deal with emergencies in the destination.
  • A destination contact person is permanently reachable by phone 24/7 for any emergency situations in various languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and others.
Destination DEFRUKPolishRussian
Dominican Republic +1 809 707 9071+1 809 707 9072+1 809 707 9071+1 829 470 1541+1 809 707 7734


Contact / Responsible person

All staff are responsible for the ownership and undertaking of this policy.

All staff are responsible for the promotion and implementation of this sustainability policy within their departments.

The implementation of this policy will be led by the Sustainability Coordinator, Socrates Mota, who can be reached at

Effective date
This policy is effective from October 13th, 2023.

Revision history
This policy will be revised by October 2025.