Meeting Point Spain

Sustainability policy  


The company is committed to minimizing its impacts on the environment. The purpose of this policy is to establish some principles relating to sustainable travel as well as sustainability procedures in all our office buildings. This includes a commitment on animal welfare, waste management, energy management, water management, and carbon management. 

This policy will apply to all business operations, all staff, suppliers and partners are expected to fully uphold the objectives of this policy whenever possible within prevailing budgets.


Sustainability management & legal compliance 

Sustainability commitment 

Meeting Point Spain´s leadership is wholly committed to the company’s sustainability performance and endorses the company’s sustainability mission statement and policy. We will use the Travelife platform to report on our sustainability progress and to monitor and evaluate progress. We are committed to publicly communicating our sustainability performance (by means of the Travelife report) every two years. 


Sustainability management & legal compliance 

Meeting Point Spain commits to continuous improvement of sustainability practices, including the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our sustainability policy, with dedicated personnel and resources to achieve our sustainability goals. 

Meeting Point Spain follows all local, regional, national, and international regulations as they relate to human resources, human rights, children’s rights, land rights, environmental management, wildlife, and land use. We follow a strict Code of Ethics, including a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, bribery, forced labor, and discrimination. 


Internal management: social policy & human rights 


We recognize that our employees are our biggest asset for delivering meaningful travel experiences to our customers. Therefore, we maintain a clear human resource policy to ensure:  

  • Legal compliance in all regards  
  • A safe, healthy, and welcoming workplace  
  • Fair contract conditions including fair compensation 
  • Training opportunities including trainings on topics of sustainability, sexual harassment and exploitation in the workplace and in the industry 
  • Participation in the sustainability planning activities 
  • Inclusion and equal opportunity for all employees, particularly with regard to compensation, promotion, distribution of benefits, and professional development opportunities. 


Internal management: environment 

Environmental management of office operations 

We are committed to keeping the direct footprint of our business operations as minimal as possible and actively follow [circularity/the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle)/sustainability/environmentally sound principles. We have the following measures in place: 

  • Follow all local and national regulations concerning environmental law 
  • Measure, monitor, and evaluate use of all commodities and products purchased, especially in terms of water, waste, energy, and carbon 
  • Procure office supply. locally, seasonally, fair trade, in bulk, with limited packaging, sustainability certified whenever possible 
  • Print only when absolutely necessary, and when printing, always print double-sided on grayscale. 
  • Paper must always be FSC or equivalent certified, with preference for the highest percentage postconsumer materials 
  • Energy saving measures are in place in all common areas 
  • All equipment and lighting is energy-efficient and turned off/unplugged/on sleep mode when not in use 
  • Water saving measures are in place in all common areas and restrooms, including water capture in external areas 
  • Waste is separated into the following categories: [plastic, organic, paper products, metal, hazardous, glass, e-waste, waste to landfill] and is disposed of properly by [a private company / municipality] 
  • Noise, light, and air pollution is minimised 
  • Carbon management of office operations 

Meeting Point Spain is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and endeavours to reduce the amount we travel as much as possible by: 

  • Reduce the amount we travel as much as possible 
  • Monitoring and measuremeasuring carbon footprint with the aim to reduce as much as possible and offset remaining amounts. 
  • Encourageing remote work whenever possible, and when it is not possible, making it easier for employees to limit their carbon footprint by use of eco modes of transportation. 
  • We commit to offsetting our remaining direct and indirect carbon from travel and fossil energy. 
  • Implementing procedures such as [e.g. following proper maintenance for vehicle fleet, offering incentives such as bike rental stipend and showers]. 
  • Installing energy efficient equipment and appliances [where appropriate/possible] Land use 

Meeting Point Spain offices are located in a [urban/suburban/rural] area and abides by all local land use laws, respects local cultural and natural resources in our business operations, and favours sustainable architecture and design. 


General suppliers policy 

Meeting Point Spain is committed to sourcing its products and services responsibly, avoiding harmful impacts on society, culture and nature as much as possible. We expect the same level of engagement and commitment from our suppliers. 

Meeting Point Spain prefers to work with partners that share the company’s commitment towards sustainability. This means that we prefer partners that have a written sustainability statement as an integral part of their business policy and/or a clear sustainability policy in place. 

Meeting Point Spain prefers to work with suppliers in the destinations that are locally owned or managed, use local and seasonal products and services and benefit the local community by hiring locally and equitably and by providing fair working conditions. Whenever possible, Meeting Point Spain prefers to select partner companies that comply with tourism specific, internationally recognized (GSTC-accredited) certifications, or other sustainability certifications like B Corp or ISO. 

Meeting Point Spain offers incentives for partners that are actively engaged in sustainable operations.