Meeting Point International:
Anti-Exploitation Policy 

Effective Date: 1-September-2023 

Policy Statement: 

Meeting Point International entities (DMC Business Unit of the FTI GROUP, hereinafter mentioned as “Meeting Point (DMC)”) are committed to maintaining a safe, ethical, and respectful environment for all employees, guests, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We firmly prohibit any form of sexual or commercial exploitation, including but not limited to sex trafficking, child exploitation, or any related activities. This policy outlines our commitment to preventing, addressing, and reporting incidents of exploitation within our operations. 

This policy applies to all Meeting Point International affiliates. 


Exploitation: Any act involving the unfair or unethical treatment of individuals, including human trafficking, child labour, forced labour, and any form of abuse or harm. 

Sexual Exploitation: Any act involving non-consensual sexual activity, child exploitation, coercion, forced prostitution, sex trafficking, any form of sexual abuse or harassment or any other illegal activities involving sexual exploitation. 

Commitment to Prevention: 

Meeting Point (DMC) is dedicated to preventing exploitation within its operations, supply chains, and interactions with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for any form of exploitation. Further, Meeting Point (DMC) will not tolerate sexual exploitation within its operations and will take all reasonable steps to prevent, detect, and respond to any incidents. We are committed to complying with all relevant laws and regulations governing the prevention of sexual exploitation. 


Prohibited Conduct: 

Meeting Point (DMC) strictly prohibits all forms of sexual exploitation and related activities, including but not limited to: 

  1. Engaging in, facilitating, or promoting human trafficking or prostitution. 
  2. Forced labour, labour abuse or harassment. 
  3. Any activities that violate human rights, labour rights and local laws 
  4. Sexual abuse or harassment. 
  5. Using the company’s resources or platforms for the advertisement or facilitation of illegal sexual activities. 
  6. Involvement in any activity that exploits or harms minors, including child pornography. 
  7. Activities which may contribute to or enable sexual exploitation. 


Reporting Procedure: 

  1. Employees: Employees who suspect or become aware of any sexual exploitation-related activity within or involving the company should immediately report the incident to their immediate supervisor, manager, and the Talent & Culture Department. If the supervisor or manager is involved, employees should report directly to a higher-level authority and Talent & Culture Department or directly exclusively to Talent & Culture Department.  
  2. Suppliers: Suppliers, who suspect or become aware of any sexual exploitation-related activity involving Meeting Point (DMC) employees or guests should report the incident to their contact person at Meeting Point (DMC) or other appropriate channels within the DMC.  
  3. Guests: who suspect or become aware of any sexual exploitation-related activities involving Meeting Point (DMC) employees or suppliers should report the incident to the Meeting Point (DMC) contact center immediately or any other available means of communication with Meeting Point (DMC) officers, including, but not limited to, phone numbers, emails.  

Alternatively, anyone can report any incident related to this policy to Group Governance & Compliance via FTI GROUP IntegrityLine (, an electronic incident reporting system that includes the option of anonymous reporting, or to the compliance helpdesk under 


Meeting Point (DMC) is committed to respecting the confidentiality of individuals reporting or providing information about suspected sexual exploitation. The company has a legal and ethical obligation to investigate and address such reports. Please be informed that in case we need to investigate and address your report, you might be contacted in case of any unclarities or further questions. 


Investigation and Resolution: 

Upon receipt of a complaint, Meeting Point (DMC) will assess and investigate the matter based on the general principles of internal investigations (e.g., confidentiality, objectivity, and impartiality).  The investigation process will be coordinated by Governance & Compliance and in close alignment with Talent & Culture. 

The investigation may involve interviews, document review, and coordination with relevant law enforcement agencies as appropriate. 

Once the investigation is completed, Meeting Point (DMC) will take appropriate actions, including and if necessary reporting any illegal activities to law enforcement, cooperating fully with any investigations of governmental authorities, and taking internal measures, which may include disciplinary action or termination. 



Meeting Point (DMC) prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports sexual exploitation or participates in an investigation. Retaliation is a separate violation of this policy and will be treated accordingly. 


Training and Awareness: 

Meeting Point (DMC) is committed to providing regular training and awareness programs to educate employees and stakeholders about the prevention of sexual or other exploitation and the procedures for reporting incidents. 


Cooperation with Authorities: 

Meeting Point (DMC) will fully cooperate with law enforcement authorities and agencies in the investigation and prosecution of sexual exploitation offenses within its operations. 

In case the report appears to include criminal activity, which may exceed our capacity to investigate, Meeting Point (DMC) retains the right to report this directly to the local Authorities including, but not limited to, Police Authorities or Governmental or State Authorities specialized in respective types of criminal activity. 


Review and Updates: 

This policy will be reviewed regularly, and updates will be made as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with applicable laws. 



Meeting Point (DMC) is committed to preventing and addressing exploitation within its operations. All employees, clients, suppliers, and stakeholders are expected to adhere to this policy. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and cooperation with law enforcement. 

We encourage open communication and reporting of any concerns related to sexual exploitation. Together, we can create an environment that upholds the highest ethical standards and protects the well-being of all individuals.