MPI’s Social Venture with The Egyptian House



The Munich-based travel company, with offices in Cairo and Hurghada, launches The Egyptian House; a social venture which will champion social causes through the commercialization of conscious products. 


Munich –Meeting Point International inaugurates The Egyptian House in El Gouna.  This venture acts as a catalyst  of social responsibility, as  it collect funds to support various charitable projects in Egypt and provide visitors of El Gouna with a sampling of the quality work that can be done in Egypt.


“As a company, we like to give back to the communities we work in,” said Roula Jouny, Chairperson of Meeting Point International. “Egypt is an important market for us as a DMC and hotel group, and we want to contribute to the empowerment of its most needed citizens, as well as its environment.”


The Egyptian House will sell handiworks such as artisanal handbags, apparel and products from the Cairo-based Malaika brand. The latter is handcrafted luxury linen, apparel, accessories and fashion marque created ethical products. Goods, that are embroidered by local women who have been trained specifically for this function by Malaika. A skill that allows them to improve their economic standing. Malaika was started in 2004 by Margarita Andrade and Goya Gallagher. The company is now a model of how one can produce ethical high-end products in both Egypt, and the world.


“The products they create are top of the line,” said Jouny. “The fact they are ethically crafted makes these beautiful creations a real vehicle for positive change. ”


Proceeds of The Egyptian House are going to be directed towards the Association for the Protection of the Environment (A.P.E). The latter is a private voluntary organization established in 1984 whose mission is to promote echo-friendly practices, plus other ethical enabling projects.   A.P.E’s work can be split into 5 areas: empowerment of women, child protection development, health support services, recycling and community upgrading. The organization works towards strengthening these focus areas in Egypt by carrying out a wide array of programs, such as with the sewing training program for women used by Malaika, a child literacy initiative, a preventive infant mortality program, a center production of recycling machines, and a housing project in Tora, among others.


Several of the initiatives of A.P.E also produce top quality ethical handcrafted handbags and apparel, which will also be sold at the Egyptian House.


“We are proud to help these two organizations  in their quest for a more just, and equitable Egyptian society,” said Jouny. “We know this shop will be a success, and hope that it will allow us to come up with more ideas to give back to Egypt, as well as other countries where our company has a presence.”


The official launch of The Egyptian House took place 21 of October 2018. Meeting Point International planned this opening so that it coincides with the popular holiday season of EL Gouna.


“The world will fall in love with these products,” said Jouny. “By learning about Malaika products, and purchasing them, visitors will be pushing the world in a better direction.”


To watch our YouTube video about Malaika, click here

To watch a video from the opening of The Egyptian House, press play below.

For further information, please contact: Press | | Author of press release: Alejandro Lopez de Haro, Brand Development Manager, MP Hotels

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